Trekking-Hiking are some of the outdoor activities which will keep you Healthy and Active.For those who are boared with day to day activites , Trekking is the best option of recreation.Though it involves lot of physical activity ,it actually refreshes your Mind . While many sports activities and games require special equipment or training to get started, the hiking is relatively much simpler and more beneficial than any other exercise. Trekking in Sahyadri Ranges is an amazing experience.Here you get a chance to Explore Different routes / Places which are historically important / Caves / Jungles etc.

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Naldurg Fort & Solapur Bhuikot & Siddheshwar Temple

Naldurg Fort & Solapur Bhuikot & Siddheshwar Temple...


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Vandre To Bhimashankar

Scenic Route From Vandre To Bhimashankar...


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Kalsubai, Highest Peak Of Maharashtra

Kalsubai Peak is the highest peak (1646 meters) of the Sahyadris in Akole Taluka, of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra...


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Mahuli Fort Near Aasangaon

Mahuli Fort Near Aasangaon...


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Raigad with Shree Appa Parab

Raigad with Shree Appa Parab on 22 - 23 February...


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Harishchandragad 14 - 15 December 2013

Harishchandragad Grade - Easy...


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Adventurous Trek To Harihar Fort

20 November 2016...


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Panhala - Pavankhind - Vishalgad

Mahalakshmi - Panhala - Jyotiba - Pavankhind - Vishalgad...


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Scenic Trek From Kusur Plateau To Kondeshwar Temple

Scenic Trek From Kusur Plateau To Kondeshwar Temple...


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Explore Kaas Platue with Sajjangad & Kalyangad on 21-22nd September 2013

Kaas Platue with Sajjangad & Kalyangad...


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