Ambili Nair - One Tree Hill

Experience:My day was very well spent with full of enthusiastic people whom I had met for the 1st time in my life. All beautiful females I loved the way you made it till the top you all were inspirational and guys you all were great source of mental support. This trek was very basic though but had few risky points that were dangerous for non regular trekkers which I found it difficult for me but all ended well due to faith in Team. Meghana, Prajakta and Ashish special thanks for being positive throughout. Team leaders it was nice to have 1st ever Aasmant trip with you three looking forward to join you people in future trips whenever possible at my end thanks and keep enjoying life while climbing the mountains and trails around the corner of the earth. Thanks to all of you

Aparna Shirur-Shivneri-Bhimashankar


Shivneri and Bhimashankar trek via Vandre ghat was absolutely fantabulous!!!!! The arrangements for food, travel, personal guidance were all beyond expectations. Besides the itinerary, Lenadri Ganapati was also squeezed in which was icing on the cake. The thorough research of the Vandre route before the actual hike is praiseworthy. Aasamant is more or less like dynamite - A small group but enough punch packed in with their planning-superb arrangements and personal touch.

Rupa Iyer : Prabalgad Trek


Aasamant Rocks!!!! The trek to Prabhalgad was amazing ,it would have been stupendously,fantabulously great if it would have rained But as you say, we cant challenge nature.In terms of organizing.Aasamant did not leave any stone untouched..it was well planned and well organised, as always. The most unique thing about Aasamant is it does not only concentrate on the trek, but it also ensures that we see places which are in and around the trekking point.Like this time we got the opportunity to see one of the Ashtavinayak at Mahad.Food was excellent and Amit again scored a point there.My passion for nature is always nurtured and pampered by Aasamant s treks. It was a treat and real value for money. For those who came for this trek, the photos should revive your memories and for those who did not come.These photos should instigate you to enroll yourself for the coming treks this monsoon. If you all wanna really enjoy the monsoon..with hot tea & spicy vada pavs then you should definitely be with Aasamant.

Sangeeta Rane: Kanha Safari Feb 2010

Experience:saw ad in Maharashtra Times Tour was excellent. Very homely and caring. We enjoyed the gypsy rides, tiger sighting, bird-watching & the night-safari. Overall an amazing trip. We would want to come to Kanha again with Aasamant alongwith our families! All the best Aasamant!!

Pallavi Kajale: Kanha Safari Feb 2010

Experience:WONDERFUL experience! Good stay arrangements, food, transport. No complaints at all. My first educational tour. Every day was a learning experience. My first encounter with wild animals and birds. The memories will be forever.

Amruta Dharmadhikari : Kanha Safari Feb 2010

Experience:A very memorable trip. Aasamant has taken good care of all the participants. Awesome food and accommodation too. Thanks a lot for such an outstanding experience. KEEP IT UP!

Shubhada Salunkhe : Kanha Safari Feb 2010

Experience:I saw ad in Maharashtra Times Kanha was an amazing experience. The tour was unique and well-managed. I enjoyed the 4-5 days in the jungles away from the monotonous routine. Kanha is very much disciplined and everyone abides by the rules. The moments can never be forgotten!

Arzoo Irani : Kanha Tour

Experience:The tour was an excellent opportunity for those interested in nature and wildlife but cannot indulge due to lack of interest /inability from family members / friends. I have found Aasmant always has a good mix and blend of people from all ages, walks of life. That's the best part. People get friendly within minutes due to common values. Great value for money paid. Nothing to complain about. Thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Atul Kolhe

Experience:The trek was definitely a wonderful experience. I could not have made it without Aasmant. Sincere thanks to Amit and Santosh for being with me whenever I required their help. Sunil missed you in our bus on return.

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