Jungle Safari

Our main motive of arranging Jungle Safari, is to Make people aware about the wide  variety of natural flora and fauna. We all are aware that the Selfish needs of man has  brought many of the species on the verge of extinction .

To save these animals from extinction there are many projects taken over by Indian Government with the help of Forest department. National parks like Kanha, Bandhavgad, Ranthambore are contributing on large scale to the mission of conservation of Wild species. While on a jungle safari, we should never forget our duty towards the nature. We should keep the environment clean and refrain from indulging in anything that can go against the nature conservation program of the forest department.  

Upcoming Events

Explore Kaas Platue with Sajjangad & Kalyangad on 21-22nd September 2013

Kaas Platue with Sajjangad & Kalyangad...


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Bandhavgarh National Park

Jungle Safari To Bandhavgarh May 3 - May 7, 2014...


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Aasamant's Birding Tour To Bhigwan 16 - 17 Feb 2013

Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary is situated about 100 kms on Pune -Solapur road. This area is famous for water birds. The Bhigwan is spread over an area of 25 ...


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Tadoba National Park

Tadoba Jungle Safari ...


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Aasamant Jungle Safari to Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is located in Madhya Pradesh spread over two districts...


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Tadoba - Bor National Park

Tadoba ??Bor National Park...


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Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Aasamant Jungle Safari to Nagzira National Park...


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Kanha National Park

Welcome to the place well known for...


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