Hadsar - Naneghat

Date : 7-July-2013

Location: Junnar

Hadsar, also known as Parvatgad, was constructed during Satvaahan''s Era and was inhabited during that period. Hadsar was one of the forts exchanged in the 1637 Treaty between Shahaji Raje & Mughals

What to see on Hadsar Fort ……..

·         The beautifully carved entrance gates

·         Lord Shiva mandir. We can also see idol of Lord Ganesha and Hanuman.

·         Caves (use for surveillance)

·         Water cisterns

·         A big Pond

·         Bastions of the Fort well in condition

·         We can have glimpse of Manikdoh dam, Chavand, Naneghat, Shivneri, Bhairavgad and Jeevdhan

Naneghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range near Junnar in Pune district of Maharashtra and was used as a trade route to descend down from Western Ghats to Konkan region. Traders passing through Naneghat needs to pay toll for using this route.

What to see on Naneghat ……..

·         An idol of lord Ganesh

·         A Huge stone Jar “Hundi” (Toll collection Jar)

·         ''Nanacha Angatha'' (a pinnacle looks like thumb)

·         Caves (A big cave at the entrance of Naneghat has beautiful carving inside wall with Bramhi script which indicate its existence from ‘Satvaahan’ era)

·         Water cisterns

Tour Schedule: 

First pickup 10.15 pm Borivali (East) Station near 700 A/c bus Stop on Saturday 06th July 2013.

  • Second Pickup 11.15 pm Thane (East) Near Railway Ticket booking counter on Saturday 6th July 2013.
  • On 7th July, 2013 early morning we will reach the base village near Hadsar fort.
  • After Tea we will start climbing the fort and reach on top of the fort in an hour. We will have breakfast and do sightseeing and will start our descend.
  • After reaching the base village, from our bus we will head towards NaneGhat
  • We will start descend from NaneGhat at around 2.00 Pm. 
  • We will start our return journey for Mumbai at around 6.00 pm.
  • We will reach Mumbai by 10.30 pm 

Trek Fees:

Contribution per person is Rs. 1100/- 

(This includes tea, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and private transport ) 


  • All our treks are eco-friendly treks, kindly take care of nature around us
  • Confirmation of names for Participation is subject to payment of trek fee (Rs. 1100/-)
  • Organizers are not responsible for safety of any valuable items of participants
  • Organizers have the authority to make any kind of changes in the program without prior intimation  


For enrollment contact us:


Santosh Bhide:     9930660731      

Akshay Mulye:     9819212975  

Vaibhav Bhosle:    9820480382  

Shweta Bandbe:   9892691821    

Anil Vesvikar:      9833074106       

    Hadsar - Naneghat