Salher - Mulher Fort

Date : 29-December-2012

Location: Nashik

Aasamant trek to Salher and Mulher Fort

29th – 30th December 2012



Salher the highest fort of Maharashtra. Situated in Nashik district near Satana region at height of 5140 ft above sea level.


History: In 1671 Mughal emperor has prepared a plan to charge Maratha’s and conquer Pune region. Mughal emperor has sent his two commanders Dillerkhan and Bahadurkhan to implement this plan. When Shivaji Maharaj comes to know about Mughals intention he has immediately Prepare plan to attack Mughals when they will took halt in Salher. Shivaji Maharaj has asked his two commanders Moropant Peshwe and Prataprao to fight and push back Mughals. As per plan Moropant Peshwe and Prataprao charged Mughals in Salher region.


Salher fort has witness a big battle between Marathas and Mughals where Marathas won the battle and captured lot of horses, camels, Elephants, gold, cloths and valuables from Mughals. In this battle both Maratha’s and Mughal’s lost lot of their soldiers.


Apart from historical view as per Purana’s Salher Fort is also known for the main meditation place of Parshurama.



What to see on Salher …..


Ø       Temple of Goddess Renuka Devi and Lord Ganesha.

Ø       Bastions of the fort well in condition

Ø       Water cisterns and a pond

Ø       Yagnakunda (Hawankund)

Ø       Caves

Ø       Ganesh Darwaja

Ø       Remains of old structure

Ø       Canons

Ø       From the fort top we can have glimpse of Ajantha satmala range and Dhodap to the south side of the fort. To the East, peaks of Mangi–Tungi, Nhavigad, Tambolya, Hanuman Tekdi, Mulhergad, Hargad, Moragad and Salota.

Ø       We can also see beautiful view of Haranbari dam from the fort.


Mulher is situated in Nashik district near Satana region. This fort is situated at height of 4290 ft above sea level. This fort was known as the capital of Baglan region.


History: Mulher fort was built by Bagul dynasty, and they ruled the region from 1308 A.D. to 1619 A.D. The region was named as Baglan. Eleven Kings of this dynasty ruled the Baglan region. These Kings were awarded the Degree of Bahirji. It was during the rule of this dynasty, the world-famous ‘Mulheri Muth’, the sword-handle, was made.


In A.D. 1619, when Akbar conquered Khandesh, Pratapshaha Bahirji, the then King of Baglan, surrendered to Mughals and established friendly relations with Shahajahan.


In 1671, Marathas first attacked the Mulher fort, but was unsuccessful. In February 1672, Marathas again charged on Mulher and took it under Maratha kingdom. After some time Mulher was again conquered by Mughals. According to the treaty of Bhalki in 1752, the whole region of Khandesh, along with Mulher, was handed over to Marathas by Mughals.


What to see on Mulher …..


Ø       Temple of Lord Ganesha, Someshwar Mandir (Lord Shiva)

Ø       Water tank

Ø       Bale Killa

Ø       Remains of old Structure (Famous is Rajwada and Chandan Bav)

Ø       Bastions of the fort well in condition

Ø       From the fort top we can have glimpse of Mora, Nhavigad, Tambolya, Hanumangad, also we can see pinnacles of Mangi-Tungi.


Trek Schedule:

  • First pickup 10.00 pm Borivali (East) Station near 700 A/c bus Stop on Friday 28th Dec 2012.
  • Second Pickup 11.00 pm Thane (East) ticket booking counter on Friday 28th Dec 2012.
  • On 29th Dec 2012 early morning we will reach at the base village of Salher Fort.
  • After tea and breakfast will start our trek. We will reach on the fort in two and half hour. 
  • We will see fort, have our lunch and get down to the base village of Salher fort.
  • From base Village of Salher we will go to the base village of Mulher Fort. Night stay will be at Mulher village.
  • On 30th Dec 2012, early morning at 6.00 am we will start our trek to Mulher fort. We will see Mulher Fort and come down to Mulher village at around 1.00 pm
  • After lunch we will head towards Mumbai.
  • We will reach Mumbai by 10.30 pm
  • Contribution per person is Rs. 1800/-

(This includes tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and private transport from Borivali to Borivali).



  • All our treks are eco-friendly treks, kindly take care of nature around us
  • Confirmation of names for Participation is subject to payment of trek fee of Rs. 1800/-
  • Organizers are not responsible for safety of any valuable items of participants
  • Organizers have the authority to make any kind of changes in the program without prior intimation  


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    Salher - Mulher Fort