Vasai Fort

Date : 17-March-2019

Location: Vasai

 The Vasai Fort or the Fort Bassein is situated in the village of Vasai in the county of Vasai Taluka of Palghar district in the state of Maharashtra. The fort derives its name from the Portugese word, ”Bacaim.” Fort of St. Sebastian of the Vasai is the actual Portugese name of the fort. The fort derives its name Vasai from a Marathi word. 

The area of Bassein was ruled by Chanakya dynasty of the state of Karnataka and was ruled by Silhara dynasty of the Konkan and then the Yadavas of Devgiri and was finally captured by the Muslim rulers of the state of Gujrat. From the time of 16th century, Bassein was Portuguese northern capital with the treaty with the Sultan, until Marathas under the rule of Chimaji Appa captured the fort in the year 1739. This Bassein fort also played a vital role in first Anglo-Maratha War. 

We are going to explore the fort under the guidance of famous Historian, Shri Shridatt Raut.

Trek Itinerary:

 · Sunday, March 17 – Reach Vasai Station at 7:00 am sharp.

· We will reach vasai fort at 08:00 am, Explore the fort with Shri Shridatt Raut.

· We will move towards vasai station at around 4 pm

 Trek Cost: - Rs. 400/- (Ex Vasai)

Cost Includes transport charges ex Vasai station, Breakfast & Poli Bhaji

· For enrollment contact us:

Akshay Mulye               :        9819212975 

Santosh Bhide               :        9930660731

    Vasai Fort