Kamalgad - Pandavgad

Date : 26-October-2018

Location: Wai

 Kamalgad (literally lotus fort), also called Bhelanja or Kattalgad (literally death fort) is a square hill fort in Wai Taluka in Maharashtra.

The builder of the fort is unknown. During Maratha times, Kamalgad,

 Pandavgad and other forts in the area were administered by a mokasaddar (manager) from Bijapur.

In April 1818, Kamalgad surrendered after resistance to a British detachment commanded by a Major Thatcher. Under the British, it was used to execute prisoners of war.

The only structure on the top is a hole which is the remains of a well sunk right through the rock, into the soil below which still has water. The hole is eighteen to twenty feet deep. The sides of the well which were formed of the natural rock were reported to have contained recesses in which criminals were placed. They had to choose between starvation and drowning.

Pandavgad Fort (also called Pandugad) 4177 feet above sea level, lies 7 kms north-west of Wai. The fort is conspicuous over a low spur branching east from its southern angle. From a distance it appears a square fortification with natural escarpment of cut black stone.

The fort commands an excellent view of the surrounding area. To the east one gets a bird's eye view of Wai, Mandhardevi & Kenjalgad stands to the north-west.

Trek Schedule:

  • First pickup 10:30 pm Borivali E Station at A/C 700 Bus Stop on 26 Oct.
  • Second Pickup 11:45 pm Nahur Railway Station on 26th Oct.
  • Reach Wai 6:00 am, Fresh up.
  • We will start our trek to Kamalgad.
  • Explore the fort & climb down. Our Night stay will be in Wai.
  • On 28th Oct, morning after breakfast, start our trek to Pandavgad.
  • Explore the fort, descend & have a lunch

·  We will return Mumbai around 9:00 pm on Sunday 28th Oct.

Trek Fees: Rs. 2400/- (This includes Food and pvt transport to & fro Borivali).

·         For enrollment contact us:                    


Santosh Bhide:  9930660731                                   Akshay Mulye:        9819212975        

    Kamalgad - Pandavgad