Tringalwadi Fort

Date : 21-January-2018

Location: Near Igatpuri

Tringalwadi is situated in Igatpuri Region, Nashik district. Height of this fort is 3238’ above sea level.

History: The presence of Jain caves at the base of this fort it is estimated that this fort was built in 10th AD. History says that this fort was conquered by Mughals deceitfully from Marathas in 1688.

What to see on Tringalwadi …..

Ø A small temple

Ø Statue of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Bal-Ganesh

Ø Big statue of Hanuman

Ø Beautifully carved Entrance Gate

Ø Water Cisterns

Ø From the top at South side we can see Igatpuri Region, at North we can see range of Tryambakgad and at the west side of the fort we can see Vaitarna River

Ø At the base of the fort we can see ‘Pandavleni’ beautifully carved caves. Inside the Vihar we can see beautiful statue of Gautam Bhuddha with Dhanmudra.

Trek Schedule:

• On 21st January, catch 6:55 am CSMT – Kasara local. Alight at Kasara @ 9:15

• Reach base village of Tringalwadi, by 10:30 am.

• We will reach at the top by 12:30. We will spend 2 hours on the fort

• After lunch, we will start our return journey. Reach base village at 4 pm

• We will return to Kasara around 5:00 pm.

• Catch 5:15 pm Kasara - CSMT Local, reach CSMT at 7:30 pm

• Contribution per person is Rs. 700/-

(This includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and private transport from Kasara to Kasara).


• Kindly take care of nature around us

• Confirmation of names for Participation is subject to payment of trek fee of Rs. 700/-

For enrollment contact us:

Santosh Bhide: 9930660731

Akshay Mulye : 9819212975

Shweta Bandbe: 9769150130

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