Ghosalgad, Talagad & Kuda Caves

Date : 18-November-2017

Location: Roha

 Ghosalgad Fort is in form of a narrow strip 20mt in width. This fort has a small hill with a narrow spur guarded by fortification. This fort served to keep watch on the enemy and the trade route from Maval to the sea ports around.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort and renamed it as “Veergad”. Shivaji Maharaj kept Ghosalgad and Talagad in Purandar Treaty with us to keep eye on the Siddhies. Thus one can understand the significance of this fort.

Talgad is situated on the bank of Malati Creek in Raigad district.

Height of this fort is 800 fts above sea level. This is very small fort but strategically very important. This fort was built to keep eye on the invaders, who can get in through western coastline.

Kuda Caves are 26 rock-cut caves and 11 rock-cut cisterns and were excavated in first century B.C. The verandah of Chaitya has several reliefs of the Buddha, carved with symbols of lotus, wheel and Nagas. Later in 5th / 6th century, Mahayana branch added their sculptures. 

The first cave has ancient writing on its wall. The sixth cave entrance is adorned with elephants. The thirty inscriptions describe donations by lay Buddhists and Buddhist monks. Other donors include an iron monger, a banker, a gardener, a writer, physician, a flower vendor and a minister.

Trek Schedule:      On 18th November (Night)

·            First reporting at AC 700 bus Stop Borivali (E) at 9:30 pm & Second reporting at Nahur Railway platform at 10:30 pm

·            Early morning reach Pali village & rest.

·           After Breakfast, we will start our trek to Ghosalgad.

·            Explore the fort in 2 Hrs & climb down.

·      Reach kuda caves, explore it, climb down and have a lunch

·       After lunch proceed to Talagad, explore the fort and start return journey towards Mumbai around 4.00 p.m. and reach Mumbai at around 10:00 p.m.

·   Trek Fees: Rs.1300/- (This includes Food and private transport from Borivali to Borivali).

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    Ghosalgad, Talagad & Kuda Caves