Date : 18-November-2017

Location: Pali

 Sudhagad (Height 2030Ft) is situated in Raigad District. Post monsoon, Sudhagad looks very amazing.

The fort was earlier known as ‘Bhorapgad’. It was conquered by Shivaji Maharaj in 1648 and renamed it as Sudhagad. It is a large fort and was considered as a Capital by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This fort has many historical stories amongst that one where Akbar (son of Aurangzeb) met Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj in the Paatshahpur Village situated at the base of this fort. 

What to see on Sudhagad ….. 

Ø Temple of Bhorai Devi, Shiva and Hanuman

Ø Pantsachiv Wada, Two Lakes and Water cisterns

Ø Mahadarwaja, Dindi Darwaja and Pachchapur Darwaja, Chordarwaja (Secret door)

Ø Ambarkhana, Bastions of the fort well in condition, Remains of old structure, Echo point

Ø From the fort top we can have glimpse of Tel-Baila, Sarsagad and Ghangad.

Trek Schedule:  On 18th November (Night)

·      First reporting at AC 700 bus Stop Borivali (E) at 9.30 pm & Second reporting at Nahur Railway platform at 10.30 pm

·        Early morning reach Pali village & rest.

·      After Pali Ganpati Darshan & Breakfast , Move towards Base Village of Sudhagad

·        Start trek by 7.30 am. Reach the top in 2.5 hours & explore

·        After Lunch , start Descending by 3.00 pm

·   Reach the base by 5.00 pm & move towards Mumbai to reach by 9.00 pm


Trek Fees: Rs.1300/- (This includes breakfast & Lunch, Transport charges from Borivali to Borivali Station)

For Enrollment: 

  Whatsapp Numbers : 9769150130,    9819212975    

Santosh Bhide: 9082044470         Vaibhav Bhosle: 9820480382