Date : 22-October-2017

Location: Nagpur

Anandvan is a small project started by noted Social Activist Baba Amte for the Leprosy patients in 1951 which has now converted into a Village of 5000 Self-sufficient people.

Apart from Hospitals, Anandvan today has orphanage, School, college, Printing press, Dairy, School for blind & Deaf Students & Various other Home based , small scale industry units run by residents.

Dr. Vikas Amte, Baba Amte’s Elder Son, is the chief Functionary at Anandvan

Lok Biradari Project, Hemalkasa: This Social project was started by Dr Prakash Amte in Bhamragad Taluka, Gadchiroli for MadiaGond Adivasi Tribe Community in 1974. Hemalkasa today has Orphanage, School & Hospital.

The students of Biradari schools are becoming doctors & engineers today. Dr. Amte & his colleagues have done tremendous work in giving a new life to the people who had no connectto the outside world.

One of the major highlights is an animal orphanage started by Dr Amte.

Somnath is nothing but a drought or completely barren land area in Vidarabha region, developed by rehabilitated people in Anandvan. Today this project has become an ideal model in the field of agriculture through its various initiatives in water harvesting & restoration, building stop dams & Digging various wells. The major highlight is Tyre dam built from waste Truck tyres.

All these three Projects are run by an organization, Maharogi Seva Samiti.


Tour Itinerary:

·        21stOct, Saturday, Catch Duranto Exp at 8:10 pm, Reach Nagpur by 7.20 am

·        Reach Anandvan at 9.30 am. Visit anandvan Project. Night stay At Anandvan

·        On 23rd Oct, morning Visit to Anandvan Project & Post Lunch, move to Hemalkasa. Night Stay At Hemalkasa

·        24th Oct, Morning Visit to Hemalkasa. Move towards Somnath after Lunch. Night Stay at Somnath

·        25th Oct, Visit to Somnath Project & post Lunch move towards Nagpur Station to catch Duranto at 8.40 pm to reach Mumbai @ 7.50 am on 26th Oct, Thursday.

Cost: INR 8,500/- per person

·   Includes Meals & Transport Costs (Non AC) from Nagpur to Nagpur, Stay in Dormitory basis at Anandvan, Hemalkasa, and Somnath & Excludes Railway Ticket Cost.


For enrollment contact us:

Akshay Mulye: 9819212975     Shweta Bandbe : 9769150130