Date : 23-July-2017

Location: Near Alibag

 Sagargad is situated near Alibag, Raigad district. It is also known as Khed-durga.

History: It is said that this fort was used to keep eye on the invaders, who can get in through the coastline. Shivaji Maharaj won this fort from Adilshaha in 1660 AD. This is one of the 23 forts that were handed over to Mughals in Purandar Treaty. Shivaji Mahraj Won the fort back after he escaped from Agra.

 What to see during the Trek:  

Ø Siddheshwar Temple , Shivling and Statue of Ganapati and Mahishasurmardini

Ø Pinnacle adjacent to Sagargad named as Vanartok

Ø Dhondane Waterfall , Water cistern , Small Pond, Secret Door

Ø Bastions of the fort in ruined condition

Ø Saticha Mal (A Tomb with  a woman’s hand Carved on it )

Ø  From the top, we can have views of Khanderi - Underi, Matheran & Prabalgad.


Trek Schedule:

·        On 23rd July, 1st Reporting at AC 700 bus Stop Borivali (E) at

5.15 am & 2nd Reporting at Nahur Railway Station (E) AT 6.15 am

·        Reach Base Village by 9.30 am & Start trek post Breakfast by 10 am

·        Reach  the top by 12.30 pm ( 2.5 hours Trek) & Explore

·        Start Descending post Lunch & Reach the base by 4.00 pm

·        Reach Mumbai by 9.00 pm

Trek Fees: Rs.1200/- (This includes breakfast & Lunch, Transport

charges from Borivali to Borivali Station)

For Enrollment : 

Shweta Bandbe:  9769150130            Akshay Mulye:    9819212975