Date : 25-June-2017

Location: Shahapur

 Ajoba (4511') is one of the highest peaks in Sahyadris. It’s a very easy climb till Valmiki Ashram which is half way to the hills.

It is said that Valmiki wrote Ramayana on these Hills. Luv and Kush were born here. They used to call Valmiki Rishi as ‘Ajoba’ (grandfather). Hence this is called as Ajoba.

The ashram is a sacred place and people from surrounding villages come here. There are some carved stones near the ashram, on which some carved idols depict some story.

Trek Schedule:

·      Sunday-25/06/2017, early morning: Catch CST Asangaon Slow Train at 6:06 a.m.

(Dadar 6.24 am,Kurla- 6.34 am, Ghatkopar-6.40 am , Thane- 7.01 am, Kalyan-7.34 am).

·      Reach Asangaon at 8:10 a.m.

·      Move towards “Dehne” Village by private vehicle.

·      Reach Dehne at 10.00 am & Start Trek after Tea and Breakfast.

·      Reach the top  by 12.00 pm & Explore the surrounding for two hours

·      Post Lunch, get down at Base Village by 4.00 pm

·      Proceed to Asangaon Railway Station by private vehicle.

·      Move towards Mumbai by 5.30 pm

· Confirmation of names for Participation is subject to payment of trek fees of Rs.750/- (Includes Breakfast, Lunch and Private Transport from Asangaon to Asangaon)

       For enrollment contact us: 

  Akshay Mulye: 9819212975                Shweta Bandbe: 9769150130