Velas Turtle Festival With Harihareshwar & Bankot Fort

Date : 18-March-2017

Location: Velas

Velas is one of the popular breeding sites of Olive Ridley Turtles, which visit Velas every year & lay their eggs. To Protect and conserve these turtles ,Turtle conservation movement is undertaken by villagers. The Turtle festival is annually organized by Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra & Kasav Mitra Mandal in February & March Months. This festival is attended by nature lovers, Marine turtle enthusiasts & various travelers. 

To watch baby turtles coming out of eggs & crawling on sand, heading towards the sea is a lifetime & beautiful experience. 

Velas is also famous for its clean beach & delicious Konkani food.

 Harihareshwar: It is popular tourist destination in Konkan known for its temples and beaches. 

Harihareshwar is also known as Dakshin Kashi due to ancient temple of Lord Shiva

Bankot: Bankot is a square shaped fort. This was the first residency of the British Raj in Southern Konkan. This is one rarely visited fort. The main entrance (Mahadarwaja) of the fort is north-facing with a well sculpted arch and carvings. On the left, there are steps leading towards Nagarkhana while there is an underground storey and a tunnel on the right. On the west, there is a small entrance (Darwaja) leading to a Bastion on the exterior of the fortifications. 

Tour Schedule:

·  On 17th March, Reporting at 10.00 pm at  Borivali Railway Station AC 700 Bus Stop

·   Second Pickup point 11.00 pm Nahur Railway Bridge, near Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM

·    On 18th March, Reach Velas & freshen up.

·    Visit beach for Festival to see turtle hatching and then head to Bankot fort post breakfast

·     Lunch at Velas & go again to see turtle hatching

·     Dinner & Night stay at Velas

·  On 19th  March , in morning Visit Velas for turtle hatching

·     Post breakfast , visit hairhareshwar Temple & Beach

·     Post lunch, head towards Mumbai by 3 pm.

·     Reach Mumbai by 10 pm

Tour Fees: Rs 2600/-

For enrollment contact us:  

Shweta Bandbe:     9892691821            

Akshay Mulye:       9819212975    


(Photo Credit – Sonal Bandbe)

    Velas Turtle Festival With Harihareshwar & Bankot Fort