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Trek Raireshwar

Region : BHOR

Road Route :Mumbai-Panvel-Pune/Satara Road-Nasrapur-Kapurhole -Mahad (Bhor)Phata-Bhor-Ambeghar phata-Ambavade-Korle-Raireshwar.

Alternate Route :Bhor-Vehli village-Raireshwar Or Via Vaai village From Satara side)

Category : Easy

Availability of Water :Ample of Drinking water is available through out the year on Raireshwar.

Availability of Shelter :Raireshwar is a small village of only 35-40 small houses. One can easily stay in the houses of local villagers. Many of the villagers do it as a source of earning.The temple which is on the top can accommodate group of 20-25 people, but prior permission has to be taken from Poojari.

Availability of Food :If we give prior intimation villagers can arrange for the food. No Hotels or Stalls on the top. There is just one shop where you can get Biscuits, Chocolates and other small eatable items.

Availability of Medical Help

Medical help is not available at Raireshwar. Nearest medical help Towards Bhor side is in the Ambavade village, which is nearly 8-10 Kms away from the Base village Korle. On Satara side nearest medical help is available at Vaai. Rather than Ambavade people prefer vaai, as transport towards Satara side is easily available as compared to the Bhor side.

Availability of Local Transport.

From Bhor to go to Korle we can get S.T buses or Jeeps. S.T bus from Bhor- Morning 0730 onwards.Jeeps are available on regular intervals.

Note : Information given above is subject to change.