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Region : Alibaug

Road Route :Mumbai-Panvel-Vadakhal Naka-Alibaug Road-Khandale Village (3 Kms Before Alibaug) Pavele Village-Sagargad Machi-Sagargad.

Category : Easy

Availability of Water :Ample of Drinking water is available .There are water tanks on the fort.

Availability of Shelter :Proper shelter is not available on Sagargad. But shelter is available on Sagargad Machi. Stay can be arranged on the Sagargad machi out side the School or in Temple. On Sagargad machi there are nearly 15-20 small houses ,school and Temple. For arranging a stay one should approach Police patil of the Machi .Sagargad machi is an excellent site for Camping.

Availability of Food :By giving prior intimation to villagers food can be arranged. No Hotels or Stalls on the top.

Availability of Medical Help

Medical help is not available on Sagargad. Nearest medical help one has to reach to the Kandale village or Alibaug.

Availability of Local Transport.

One can take any S.T bus going from Mumbai (Panvel) to Alibaug and can get down at Kandale Village. From Kandale village base is nearly 3 Kms away which is a walking distance. The road going from Kandale to the base of Sagargad is very narrow. Auto can be arranged from Alibaug.

Note : Information given above is subject to change.